Licensing ESP

Valor is an IP licensor, not a manufacturer. We license our IP portfolio, containing over one dozen issued and pending patents in the US and other countries, to OEMs worldwide. Our licenses are nonexclusive and segmented by region. Payments are made through a combination of an initial licensing fee and a recurring unit royalty.

We believe in building meaningful relationships with our licensees, and it starts with obtaining an ESP Starter Kit from Valor. The ESP Starter Kit contains all of the necessary hardware and firmware for the OEM to evaluate ESP smoke detection technology. During the evaluation phase, Valor can provide technical assistance, either remotely or onsite, to ensure ESP is optimized for the OEM’s particular application.

Once the OEM decides to move forward, a licensing agreement is executed between the OEM and Valor. However, our support does not end there: Valor will continue to support the OEM with technical assistance through the development of the ESP smoke detector and the certification process. While ESP has been successfully tested in both UL and EN facilities, the final design and certification of ESP smoke detectors will be the responsibility of the OEM.

To begin your relationship with Valor, please contact us.